The Formula 430 Super Spo...

The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover

The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover is 43’ in length with a 12’ beam, the 430 attains Formula SS flagship status. John Adams was th... READ MORE

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The Aston Martin AM37...

The Aston Martin AM37

The Aston Martin “AM37” is a 37 foot powerboat. It made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. After two years of research and development, the AM... READ MORE

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A Modern Houseboat For Yo...

A Modern Houseboat For Your Modern Lifestyle

Nautilus Houseboats is known for their innovative design of houseboats for the modern lifestyle. They have anything you may need and more.    P... READ MORE

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The Deepest-Diving Submar...

The Deepest-Diving Submarine In The World

The Triton 6600/2 can remain at surface pressure in its revolutionary passenger compartment even when it is more than a mile beneath the sea. You'll be abl... READ MORE

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The Mercedes-AMG Marauder...

The Mercedes-AMG Marauder Shocked Everyone!

The Mercedes-AMG Marauder Boat is the result after a decade’s worth of collaboration from Cigarette Racing and Mercedes’ AMG branch. Their coll... READ MORE

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Bass boat comparison

Insider : Amerloc
In the car business everybody for the most part has there selected brand. Whether it be a Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, We have a brand that we will look at first that has our best interest. In the boat business I'd have to say it could be viewed the same way, I find it rare to walk up to a Triton guy and be able to sell him that a skeeter is better. For many reasons, for one he has invested his money into the Triton boat. Most people when buying a toy such as a boat, go with the best brand that they feel and what their wife will allow them to get. Im gonna compare two bass boats, these are some specs that are not going to be listed when you view the specs of the boat.
The Skeeter FX 21- This skeeter bass boat has sponsons on the back of the boat that help with bowlift and planeing as well as helping conrtol and make the boat easier to drive. This bass boat also has an aliminum renforced transom. Along with that transom comes the Torque transfer system. This skeeter line also comes with an aliminum deck. That makes it different then the other decks that are primarily fiberglass. The only negative feedback about the deck is that the four turn buckets that are under the deck will begin to sag on you causeing the deck to sag as well. 

Triton TR21x- This Bass boat has a vortex hull, this hull turns the water back underneath to make it like riding on a cushion for a solid, smoother, dryer, faster ride. The triton also has a solid compisite transom vs skeeters aluminum. The Triton is also on a one peice skeletal grid system. Has the adjustable cock pit seats, seperate rod and tackle sttorage. Not here to make your decision for you, just here to help you along the process and find the boat that is best for you.


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