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Best 3 Topwater Baits For Cold Water

Insider : maritza

While most topwater fishing is done in the spring and summer, you can still successfully topwater fish in cold water. Here are the best three baits to use.   

1. Buzzbaits


  • A good example of this kind of bait would be the Custom Lures Unlimited LiveWire BzB8t. It can squeal, bubble trail, and profile making it perfect for bass.
  • Bass will even eat this bait when the water is down to 50 degrees, and in the right conditions, they will continue to bite in colder water.

  • Be sure to have a slow your retrieve until the bait is barely breaking the surface.

2. Walk-The-Dog Stickbaits 

download (3)

  • It has long been known that walk-the-dog stickbait works well in cooler waters
  • Shad is the main food source once the crawfish become dormant, the main food source across much of the south is shad.
  • Baits such as the River2Sea Rover are able to act as a shad that is flicking on the surface and can be in water as cold as the upper 40’s.

3. Wakebaits 


  • Wakebaits are the finesse worms you can use in the world of topwater fishing.
  • They can move very slowly and they perfectly act as shad or baitfish struggling on the surface when in cold waters.

  • Baits such as the Biovex Amp Wake can be used to act as shad hang on the surface before plummeting.

If you would like to read more fishing articles, click here. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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