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The Basics To Tide Fishing

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Every Angler Should Have FishSensory On Their Rod!

Insider : maritza

There are so many apps that have helped many anglers and boaters. They help make your trip as stress free and efficient as possible. With FishSentry in correlation with its FishSentry App, your fishing trip just got a whole lot easier.


Sensors are placed at the tip and base of your rod so that it can detect changed in tip movement. The sensors can even detect changes while trolling. You will also be able to keep data on each trip since it also logs the location and time of each catch.


You can download the FishSentry App on your smartphone or tablet if WI-FI is available.With the app you will be able to share all your data with your family and friends. Even better, you can also you their data to your advantage is they have the app as well. You’ll be able to keep track of the best times and locations in order for you to catch allot of fish. 


You’ll also be able to keep a record of the different times, locations, dates, tides, moon phases, and the weather! It will keep track of everything you need to have a successful trip all while you relax and wait on your boat until the sensors notify you on your smartphone. What more could you ask for?


To watch the official video, click here. To read about more fishing apps, click here. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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