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Tips To Help Save Your Boat And The Water

Species such as fish or aquatic plants that are not used to being in Texas will not have as many natural enemies or competitors compared to the ones that a... READ MORE

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How To Prevent Corrosion In Your Oil Pan

Corrosion is never a good thing. You especially wouldn't want to see it on your boat. Your oil pan has a high risk of getting corrosion. However, with thes... READ MORE

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Why You Need Boom Vangs On Your Sailboat

Boom Vangs or otherwise known as kicking straps, provides the perfect boom control by eliminating the twist in the mainsail by controlling the leech tensio... READ MORE

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How To Choose The Best Portable Battery Charger For Your Boat

Nothing is worse than the thought of being stranded because your boat's battery died. Having a portable charger can help save you in a dire situation. Cont... READ MORE

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5 Reasons You Should Get The Xtratuf Neoprene Deck Boot Hi

We at BoatSelect want you to have the best boating experience possible. Weather you are out working on the water or enjoying a nice day of  ... READ MORE

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Every Bass Boat Owner Should Have These Essentials

Insider : maritza

A bass boat with a high-powered outboard engine will get you quickly to your favorite fishing spot, and there are even more steps you can take to ensure you catch as much bass as possible. A depth finder/GPS combo can help you find bass while a good trolling motor can helps you keep close to them. These are one of the two most important steps to take.


Sonar is also a very useful tool when bass fishing. You would be able to see all of the fishes’ world and hideouts which allows you to catch more fish than you normally would. You can even buy a displaying unit that allows you to see all-encompassing images from the front, sides, rear and directly below the boat. This ensure you don’t miss any potential catches or threats. 


Trolling motors also give you the most control in tight spots all while flipping and pitching according to the position of your foot where the motor is turning. In fact, most major trolling motor manufacturers now offer a feature that controls boat positioning via GPS with the electric-steer trolling motor.


An electronic or hydraulic anchoring system keep your boat safely secured by digging into the bottom of the water. This means you won’t have to worry about your trolling motor scaring the bass in the shallows.  


If you would like to read more fishing articles, click here. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!  

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