Every Angler Should Have ...

Every Angler Should Have FishSensory On Their Rod!

There are so many apps that have helped many anglers and boaters. They help make your trip as stress free and efficient as possible. With FishSentry in cor... READ MORE

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Best 3 Topwater Baits For...

Best 3 Topwater Baits For Cold Water

While most topwater fishing is done in the spring and summer, you can still successfully topwater fish in cold water. Here are the best three baits to use.... READ MORE

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Four Apps Every Modern An...

Four Apps Every Modern Angler Should Have

Can you imagine a time you left your smartphone at home while you went fishing? People love being able to post about their big catch on their social media ... READ MORE

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Top 3 Tips For Low-Tide F...

Top 3 Tips For Low-Tide Fishing

Every fisherman has to deal with low water conditions. However, just because the water has low tides does not mean it has to ruin your fishing trip. Here&r... READ MORE

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Would You Fish With A Dro...

Would You Fish With A Drone?

You may have seen a video that went viral of Australian anglers catching longtail tuna after their drone places their bait 400 yards off a beach located in... READ MORE

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Saltwater? Freshwater?

Insider : Amerloc
There are two different types of fishing, Offshore and in shore. They have the same basic principles as far as fishing is concerned, but the technique is a little differernt. Also the price in fuel and equipment may be just a little different too. When you go offshore its an all weekend event with one day of really fishing. Thats depending on if you have a crew or not of course but for the average joe, its an all weekend thing. The reason is when you go offshore, everything is bigger and that starts with the waves. Something is gonna get knocked loose, break, or just quit working because of the force from the waves. So usually you go on a friday fix everything from the last week, saturday you fish, and sunday you make the list of what to fix the next friday. 

I grew up going offshore every weekend, we had a Sportfish and that was what we were going to do, no doubt. Never was a disccusion, come friday we were always headed to the coast. What's cool about off shore is that you can troll. Trolling is putting out the lines and putting the boat into gear and dragging the lines and when you hear the spool you set the hook and catch the fish. Along with that the fish are obviously bigger so they're more fun to fight, even the most annoying fish, the shark can be a 45 minute fight. To go offshore you have to have a big enough boat, a bass boat is going to be a little to small to take offshore, as well as most flat boats or smaller center consols. The further out you go, you have better chances of catching BIG fish. 

On shore is going to be a little different, Most lakes now a days are man made. For the lakes to get rough there has to be a lot of wind compared to the ocean gravity plays its roll in. Obviously on the lake is the smaller boats and jet skis and people having a good time. No body wants to do that in the ocean because of what may be around you. If you catch 5 bass in the lake it was a good day, off shore you would use those 5 as bait. Most people have been to the lake but because of the expense, off shore is hard to make it out. If you ever get the opportuniy to go, do it but beware bass fishing will forever be a little boring afterwards.

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