Every Bass Boat Owner Sho...

Every Bass Boat Owner Should Have These Essentials

A bass boat with a high-powered outboard engine will get you quickly to your favorite fishing spot, and there are even more steps you can take to ensure yo... READ MORE

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Tips To Help Save Your Bo...

Tips To Help Save Your Boat And The Water

Species such as fish or aquatic plants that are not used to being in Texas will not have as many natural enemies or competitors compared to the ones that a... READ MORE

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How To Prevent Corrosion ...

How To Prevent Corrosion In Your Oil Pan

Corrosion is never a good thing. You especially wouldn't want to see it on your boat. Your oil pan has a high risk of getting corrosion. However, with thes... READ MORE

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Why You Need Boom Vangs O...

Why You Need Boom Vangs On Your Sailboat

Boom Vangs or otherwise known as kicking straps, provides the perfect boom control by eliminating the twist in the mainsail by controlling the leech tensio... READ MORE

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How To Choose The Best Po...

How To Choose The Best Portable Battery Charger For Your Boat

Nothing is worse than the thought of being stranded because your boat's battery died. Having a portable charger can help save you in a dire situation. Cont... READ MORE

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Location is key, but does it help you as the buyer?

Insider : Amerloc
As I browse the web looking at these different boats across the country, i've been thinking at how risky this business is. You see in Florida, the dealerships are going to have to order different types of boats then a dealership in Dallas. Now obviously not every dealership is not going to have the same boats othrwise there would'nt be a buisness. If im a boat dealer in Houston, Texas im gonna order boats that appear to that market based on recent polls,numbers etc. Thats common sense but if you open a store in Miami, Florida you will not have the same polls and numbers to go off of. In Miami there is going to be speed boats, center consoles, fast deepsea fishing boats along with yachts of course. In Houston im going to have some aliminum bass buggys, bass boats, Ski boats, bay boats and a few bluewater boats. What makes it fun is the dealers really get to pick kinda who they carry and what they carry, thats what makes shopping fun right? Always do your research before you go to a dealership. Look all over the country and find some prices elsewhere before just settling in your area. Dealerships are always thirsty for a sale and typically have no problem sending the boat to you. After all you are the one paying for it right? Also keep this is mind as the boat show season approaches. Do your research before hand, if not you may get trapped into something you dont even really want. my point is that we only tend to look at whats around us, never broaden our search when we may could have saved money that we really couldnt spend in the first place. Before you shop think about your location, think about what are they going to have when I get there? Do I really want to make this 45 minute drive just to settle for a boat that I will be selling in a few months and losing 10,000$ in value. There is a reason these dealers have selected the boats that they have and the location. Also, make an appointment, reason for that being you may have been looking at this boat for two months and talking to one salesman. When you show up they're busy and you begin to get frustrated and then he has to spend the first 10 minutes diffusing the conflict instead of saving you money. Easier for them to know that you're coming, and have already spoke with their manager and have a game plan in tact. Location is key, dont let it fool you though.

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How To Prepare Your Boat For Sale

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The 2017 Centurion Ri217

The 2017 Centurion Ri217

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Woman charged in boat crash released from jail

Woman charged in boat crash released from jail

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The Priest, Pearly Gates and the blonde : Joking right

Here are a few jokes I found quite funny. And people, if you know any great jokes then please share. Faith put to test! A priest, a rabbi, and a minister are bareboating in the Caribbean when they discover the cabin is filling with water and they a... READ MORE

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The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover

The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover

The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover is 43’ in length with a 12’ beam, the 430 attains Formula SS flagship status. John Adams was the designer of this beautiful vessel. The cockpit alone has almost 40 feet of room and there&rsq... READ MORE

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Wake Boat's For Surfers

Wake Boat's For Surfers

Wake Surfing .. Seriously! Over the years I have been facinated by wakesurfing. Having lived in islands where all my buddies surfed on a regular basis and then coming back to the states to work for a boat dealer who sold boats for surfers ... READ MORE

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