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Spring Checklist - Is Your Boat Ready To Be In The Water?

Insider : maritza

Today is officially the first day of spring! For many boaters this means that its time to head back onto the water. That being said, annual preparation and cleaning is necessary before you can enjoy the big blue. To celebrate the beginning of spring, BoatSelect has made the perfect checklist that every boater needs. Just continue reading below! 

1. Electrical System

  • It's very important to inspect all electrical connections for tight, corrosion free connections
  • Using a wire brush, clean all cable ends as well as any corroded terminals 
  • Have your battery tested to ensure it can hold a charge - Replace it if needed
  • If you run into any problems, it's always good to have your electrical system inspected by a qualified technician

2. Fuel System

  • Check for any leaks or damage
  • Be sure to pay special attention to fuel hoses, connections and tank surfaces
  • You'll know if a fuel hose is damaged by it's softness, brittleness or cracking
  • Confirm all fittings and clamps are properly secured and replace components when necessary 
  • NEVER fill your tank with fuel that contains more than 10% ethanol (E10) - this WILL damage your engine. Check before you pump! 
  • Be sure that the engine, exhaust and ventilation systems are all functioning properly.

3. Belts, Cables & Hoses

  • Belts, cables and hoses can become brittle and may even crack during winter storage so it's important to inspect them
  • Belts need to fit tightly around pulleys so that they won't slip
  • Be on the look out for a black residue near the pulley. This means your belt is worn out and it probably fits loosely 
  • If the outer jacket of throttle or the shift and steering control cables have cracks or swells, it could be from internal and immanent failure

4. Propellers & Hulls

  • Scan propellers for dings, pitting, cracks and distortion
  • If propellers are damaged, it can lead to unwanted vibration and damage to your drive train
  • Be sure to replace bearings when needed
  • Inspect the hull for blisters, distortions and cracks
  • Using an environmentally safe cleaning solution, clean the hull, deck, and topsides
  • Note that you should always make sure that the drain plug is securely in place before every launch

5. Fluid Levels

  • It's important to check all fluid levels
  • Fluid levels include engine oil, power steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant
  • Change the engine oil, oil filter and drive lubricants if they wern't changed prior to winterizing your boat

6. Saftey Gear

  • Life jackets should be in good condition and there should be plenty to go around!
  • Remember, Life jackets size depends on your body weight 
  • Extinguishers need to be the correct class for your vessel
  • A carbon monoxide detector is always a great thing to have
  • You should also consider having an EPIRB for situations of distress to ensure you can be found
  • Don't be too shy to take advantage of any safety inspections offered by the US Coast Guard (USCG), USCG Auxiliary or US Power Squadrons

I want you to have the best boating experience possible and with this checklist you will be prepared to create new memories! If you want to read more articles, click here. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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