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Wakeboarding without a boat?

Insider : Amerloc

Wakeboarding Inventions!

It is to no surprise that that wakeboarding is evolving rapidly. With todays technology what use to be just possible on paper is now becoming a reality. 

Take Sweden's Radinn Electric WakeBoard that is self propelled. This remote-controlled wakeboard can reach up to a Whopping 30 mph! and can run for 20 - 60 minutes before recharging and at a fraction of the cost of a wakeboard boat. 

This carbon fiber board comes equipped with a batterypowered, salt water-resistant propulsion system. The lithium battery pack can be removed for recharging and swapped on the spot to continue surfing. A wireless, waterproof remote control, controls the boards speed that can reach up to 29MPH and all on power cells.

For those that prefer a little more power then Radinn has also created the Wakejet Cruise jet-powered wakeboard and features the latest in board-sport technology. The Wakejet Cruise features a jet-propulsion engine, which the user controls by wireless handheld remote. The board can travel for up to a half hour at its top speed of 25 knots or for up to a full hour at slower speeds. Made with military-grade carbon and Kevlar composite material, the 64-pound watercraft is equipped with magnetic safety switches that disengage the motor if the rider falls off. An onboard computer system and GPS navigation help riders traverse any ocean surf, lake, river, or urban waterway. The board would also be a perfect water toy for use on a yacht or at a seaside vacation home.

The only down side to this invention that I can find is it doesn't create a wake to ride. You would still need to travel behind a boat or ride waves in the sea.

Do you know of any new and extrodinary inventions? Let us know @ [email protected]

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