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Why Every Boater Should Have An Inflatable Paddleboard

Insider : maritza

This article will take any concerns you have on inflatable paddle boards away. Did you know they are just as rigid and durable as conventional paddle boards and also have a ton of other properties that make them the preferred choice? To find out more continue reading below brought to you by BoatSelect!

Inflatable paddle boards are easier to carry, store, and travel with, and they’re also completely ding proof. However they aren't perfect. A huge downfall is the amount of time it takes to air one up. This is usually the case if you use a hand pump, but you can buy a electrical pump to save time and energy. 


Rigidity - Inflatables are known to be firm and rigid as a hardboard. Inflatables are constructed with drop-stitch technology. This allows for greater air pressure and increased rigidity.

Durability - Tears and leaks are rare and usually occur in lower quality material rather than the higher quality. The outside layer of these boards is made of the same types of materials used in military-grade inflatable boats, so they're actually designed to take a beating.

Weight - Inflatable boards are anywhere from 10-20 pound lighter than hardboards. It usually takes only one person to carry under their arm. Even better, most inflatables come with a  bag for even easier carrying and storage. 


Size - Inflatable paddlebaords are great if you move around on and off the water allot. When they are deflated and rolled, they are about the size of a sleeping bag. This makes it perfect to travel with you anywhere you go. 

Versatility - There are various designs that are suitable for all types of stand-up paddleboarding. There are inflatables for  flat-water paddling, touring, white-water rafting, yoga, and even wave surfing.


Don't be afraid to go out and try one for yourself! If you would like to read more articles boating tips, click here. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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