Cornet Bay Messabout

Boats For Sale in Washington


Starts: 03-25-2017
Location: Cornet Bay Messabout
41020 Washington 20
Oak Harbor,WA 98277
Contact: [email protected]
Boats For Sale in Washington
Location: Deception Pass State Park

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Contact: Claire Accord [email protected]

Schedule and Activities: Launch, row, sail or paddle in protected waters, or out in a bit of current — even around a few of the park islands if you like.

Launch ramp and parking: Cornet Bay launch ramps from the air Six lanes of ramp, three floats, and plenty of parking depending on how the fishing is going. In and out day fee of $7.00 per boat, Discovery Pass is needed for rig entry and parking.

Tides for the day:
&nbps; &nbps; 0438 9.7' high
&nbps; &nbps; 1048 4.6' low
&nbps; &nbps; 1601 8.7' high

Food and Shelter: Pot-luck lunch under a canopy at a picnic table.

Local Knowledge: Cornet Bay is a calmer water replacement for our early spring messabout at Bowman Bay. Cornet Bay launch rampsThere will be: no wave action unless the weather is really upset, areas without strong tidal currents available, and the possibility for the brave to sneak out into bigger currents.

Accommodations: Not applicable.

RSVP to: Claire Acord [email protected]"

Sponsored by: TSCA-Puget Sound

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