2016 Alumacraft 1436 LT

2016 Alumacraft 1436 LT,


Length 14'
Hull material Aluminum
Engine model None

Asking : $819

STATUS : Available
#ID 102791363
Condition: used
Year 2016
Make Alumacraft
Model 1436 LT
Type General
Ocala , FL
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Every Bass Boat Owner Should Have These Essentials

A bass boat with a high-powered outboard engine will get you quickly to your favorite fishing spot, and there are even more steps you can take to ensure you catch as much bass as possible. A depth finder/GPS combo can help you find bass while a good trolling motor can helps you keep close to them....

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Boater killed and two critically injured on Ottawa River

One person was killed and two critically injured after a boating accident in the Ottawa River early Monday morning. Erie Township police say a boater with three passengers hit a private dock in the Ottawa River. It happened just after midnight, Monday morning. Another boater nearby saw the...

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Keep a Spare Prop & Prop Wrench

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 The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is trying to let boaters know just a tiny little piece of an invasive plant that has already made in-roads in East  Texas can hitch a ride on a boat trailer, having a huge impact on an entire, uninfested lake. Many people have heard about...

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Hydrofest Is Coming Back After 32 Years!

Hydrofest is held at Lake Guntersville Jackson, Alabama. It is supposed to host races on June 22-24, 2018. This is a huge event for Marshall County. Even the president of the Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Katy Norton stated that this event is slated to be one of many...

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