2017 Custom Made Viking Style 92 Enclosed Bridge

2017 Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge This new boat has a stunning profile in either version with several motor yacht cues including dual mezzanine decks; one in the cockpit and the second on the main level after deck. The latter mezzanine offers both rear facing lounge seating, along with a second seating area and a table for al fresco dining. An outside galley and grilling area are included for added convenience and ambiance.


Length 92'
Hull material Fiberglass
Engine make MTU
Engine model V16-2000 M96L
Engine hp 5270hp
STATUS : Available
#ID 102935749
Condition: used
Year 2017
Make Custom Made Viking Style
Model 92 Enclosed Bridge
Type Sportfishconvertibles
Call To Confirm , FL
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