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Location is key, but does it help...

Location is key, but does it help you as the buyer?

As I browse the web looking at these different boats across the country, i've been thinking at how risky this business is. You see in Florida, the dealerships are going to have to order different types of boats then a dealership in Dallas. Now obviously not every dealership is not going to have the...

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2016 Moomba Mojo

2016 Moomba Mojo

With a big redesign in 2014, you would not believe there would be much new on the Mojo, however Moomba threw in some nuggets to keep buyers returning for more. The Mojo is perfect for bigger teams who don't wish to pay a lot for a much better wakeboard experience, recreational browsing, and a...

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Boating Gone Wrong

Boating Gone Wrong

When things go wrong in boating you either have to cry or laugh. I personally prefer laughing. I have an Uncle that was anchored by an island in the middle of the lake all day. when he had enough he started the boat but for got to bring in the anchor. Well....YEAH the boat sunk but not until he...

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Score a great deal on boat...

Score a great deal on boat insurance with these hacks!

Just as with cars, insurance companies take in a ton of information to assess your risk factor when offering you your insurance rate.   Although, with boats you might be surprised at how much your offered rate might vary from company to company. Whoever you decide to go with in the end...

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How Does Rain Affect My Fishing?

How Does Rain Affect My Fishing?

We at BoatSelect want you to have the best boating experience possible. If you live to fish, you know that a heavy shower at the right time can be just what the doctor ordered. However if your new to fishing you may not be so aware on how rain can affect the fish and your fishing success....

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Prepare to buy a boat!

Prepare to buy a boat!

The thought of buying a boat scares the majority of first time buyers because it adds another payment & expenses to their budget. While this is true it also has a grey area. This grey area is the decider in the experience ending with "Good Rittens!" attitude when they finally sell the boat or...

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