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Boat buying season is in full...

Boat buying season is in full throttle!

Boat buying season is in full throttle!  During many pre-purchase marine surveys I do for my customers, they share with me their boat buying journeys.  Somehow, I'm repeatedly surprised at what they tell me.   The common theme is that it takes much longer than the customers want...

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Ranger 620FS Bass Fishing Boat

Ranger 620FS Bass Fishing Boat

The Do-It-All Bass fishing boat The Ranger 620FS is a do-it-all fishing machine with big-water character in a sub-21-foot package. For years now, Ranger's 600 series has been the gold standard for fiberglass multispecies boats, but for 2015 it's gone platinum with the 620FS. Not content to...

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Bass boat comparison

Bass boat comparison

In the car business everybody for the most part has there selected brand. Whether it be a Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, We have a brand that we will look at first that has our best interest. In the boat business I'd have to say it could be viewed the same way, I find it rare to walk up to a Triton...

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Wakeskating Phenomenon

Wakeskating Phenomenon

Can you wakeskate? Wakeskating is not a new phenomenon in the U.S. It has been around in one way or another since 1970s and it has been deeply rooted in the 1990s. Nonetheless, it is still a new phenomenon to some boaters and watersports participants. Wakeskating is a word obtained from the...

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Why You Need Boom Vangs On Your...

Why You Need Boom Vangs On Your Sailboat

Boom Vangs or otherwise known as kicking straps, provides the perfect boom control by eliminating the twist in the mainsail by controlling the leech tension. The vang flattens the sail which allows it to be easier to control, faster speed along with increased sailing efficiency, and you can...

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Wakeboarding without a boat?

Wakeboarding without a boat?

Wakeboarding Inventions! It is to no surprise that that wakeboarding is evolving rapidly. With todays technology what use to be just possible on paper is now becoming a reality.  Take Sweden's Radinn Electric WakeBoard that is self propelled. This remote-controlled wakeboard can reach up to...

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