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What lurks below?

What lurks below?

Everyone always talks about going to the lake in the summer, but do they know what lurks below in the murky water they swim in? Big fish in the lakes have always scared me since I was a young boy. Murky, dark lake waters hide the depths from vision and  leaves too much for the imagination to...

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The Yacht That Acts Like A Whale

The Yacht That Acts Like A Whale

The Seataci was designed by Charles Bombardier and he didnt make your ordinary yacht. Each connecting pods has an oscillating foil that pushes water just like a whale would do with its tail. This excellent system gives the boater less noise underwater, is more efficient than...

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One of The Hottest New product to...

One of The Hottest New product to Boating!

This week I would like to discuss one of the hottest new devices to boating that has emerged in a long time Boat Command. Boat Command works by monitoring all of your boats vital systems and data and reports it you via your computer or smart phone. You can monitor, manage and control you boat...

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New Laws Impact Boating From Coast...

New Laws Impact Boating From Coast To Coast

An attempt to make boating laws more consistent from state to state has been a common goal this year. Whether the issue was education or law enforcement, states collaborated to pool resources and achieve more cohesive policy. For instance, in Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal signed the Interstate...

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Spring Checklist - Is Your Boat...

Spring Checklist - Is Your Boat Ready To Be In The Water?

Today is officially the first day of spring! For many boaters this means that its time to head back onto the water. That being said, annual preparation and cleaning is necessary before you can enjoy the big blue. To celebrate the beginning of spring, BoatSelect has made the perfect...

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5 Most Luxurious Express Cruisers

5 Most Luxurious Express Cruisers

Express cruisers are a great way for your family and friends to have a relaxing time out on the water. This being said, there are some pretty breathtaking boats that are availble. We must warn you however, there's not a single thing about these boats that are cheap. Still, its very interesting to...

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