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Ok you wanna sell your boat!

In todays market it is not so easy to list your boat forsale and get quality leads. Most boat buyers surf the web to find the best deals and in most cases they even travel out of state to pick it up if the price is right. can help you through the process and help get the word out that your boat is for sale.

Sell your boat on boatselect.comSelling your boat can be time consuming and difficult. Take the stress out of the process and use our network of thousands of buyers to sell your boat now!

Boat Select offers advertisers integrated advertising and promotional programs to reach our highly affluent and educated audience of boat buyers. With more than 10K new visitors a month and rising, advertising on just makes since!

Sell your boat on boatselect.comPromote your boat or whole boat inventory on! 

  • Easily create and list your boat or your whole  inventory.
  • Share your Boat Ad and earn Popular Points.
  • Lead generation tool to help you never lose a deal

Why post and sell your boat on Boat Select

  • Maximum exposure to pre-qualified buyers around the world.
  • You receive boat buyers requests directly to your e-mail.
  • Boat Select helps you to provide fast and free quotes directly to your boat buyers as well as to consult boat buyers on the purchase process to make quick principal purchase decisions.
  • We also help you promote your advert through Social sharing (Facebook Groups, Twitter and Google+) .

*Most boat sales transactions fall apart for a few reasons: non-qualified buyers, lack of buyer’s knowledge of the purchase process as well as not having a timely information on shipping cost and customs clearance for international boat buyers.


Please call 844-705-2628 for more information or Tell me More!.

opularity Points

One of the main problems selling items online, is visibility. Chances are, your advert will never show up in the search results until you start clicking through the paged results (Similar to Google). You may find it straight away but most likely you will have to do an in-depth search.

This is why we have come up with ™ Popularity Points. The more Popular your ad becomes the more visible it will become.

There are three ways that your advert can earn ™ Popularity Points.

  1. Social Referrals
    • Everytime you share your advert on FaceBook,Twitter,Google Plus and someone clicks on your share advert, your advert will receive popular points.
  2. Added To Wishlist
    • Everytime someone adds your item to their wishlist , you will receive points.
    • Everytime your advert is viewed you receive points.

These points are reset every week (7 days) to give new items a chance to rise to the top and become popular. So all you have to do is start sharing your advert and let everyone know that you are selling your boat. Let everyone know that they need to check out your item and each time a new one does you will earn ™ Popularity Points and start rising to the top.

To find out how many popular points your advert has earned you will need to log into your account and go to the inventory list. Here you will see how many points each item has earned for the given period.

Simple isn't it? So what are you waiting for, give us a call now to setup your dealer account or if you are an individual just click the link below to get your item sold ASAP!

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